Our Committee

Committee members have input on high level issues that affect the running of our playgroups, such as our finances, acquisitions, grant applications and acquittals, venue leases and committee composition. Committee members are asked to attend our annual general meeting (AGM).

We welcome new committee members each year at the AGM, held in term 3 or 4 of the school year. Some of our committee members are past session leaders, and have stayed on to help us run the group – we thank them for their super altruistic contribution! This is the perfect role if you would like to have input into the running of our playgroups, without needing to run sessions yourself.

The following people are our committee members for 2023:

Tamera Lang – Organiser/Treasurer

Sara Bold – Volunteer support and experienced session leader

Sarah Lording – Secretary and experienced session leader (and chief of housekeeping and equipment construction!)

Angela Burrill – Committee member, former organiser and experienced session leader

Yvonne – Committee member and experienced session leader

If you are interested in joining next year’s committee, please join us at our next AGM (details will be announced on our Facebook page).

Our committee meeting at Wairoa Avenue – and the handover from Angela to Tamera for 2023!