COVID-19 Safety Plan

Please note the following conditions of attendance:

1. Please take a ticket off the sheet on the gate for each person attending playgroup (including babies). If no tickets are left then the venue is full.

2. We are operating under a NSW COVID-Safety Plan so will be restricting the number of toys to manage the cleaning requirements. We appreciate everyone’s help to sanitise everything at the end of the session.

3. All attendees must sign in using this online form Your details will be kept securely by Playgroup NSW for 28 days.

4. Members can pay by $2 coin or use this Pay Pal link:

5. Numbers are limited to a maximum of 20 people total and 10 people maximum inside the hall (Playgroup volunteers excluded)

6. You must use the hand sanitiser on arrival, regularly wash hands, and maintain social distancing at all times – inside and outside the venue.

7. There is no shared food or group morning or afternoon tea at this time.

8. If anyone in your household is sick you may not attend Playgroup. If any symptoms are observed while at the venue, the Session Leader will supply you with a mask and request that you leave.

We can still have fun and be safe at the same time! Looking forward to seeing you there

Session Times Summary

Wed 9.30am - 11.30amNth Bondi
Wed2.30pm - 4.30pmNth Bondi
You can visit up to two times for free before becoming a member. Like it? Then join us from the link below! For an annual fee of $51 you can attend as many sessions as you like – provided they are not listed full.