Checklist for Participation

Please note the following conditions of attendance:

1. Playgroup is run by volunteer Session Leaders – kindly introduce yourself and help them make the playgroup session run smoothly.

2. All attendees are responsible for helping to set up and pack up the equipment and toys. If you can’t stay for the entire session, please pack up something before you leave as many hands make light work.

3. Parents and Carers are responsible for monitoring their own children during the session and to keep an eye on other children to help others. Parenting is a tough gig, let’s all help each other and be kind.

4. All attendees must complete the registration form each visit using this online form (you can do this when you arrive, we have a QR code to check in). All attendees must be members of Playgroup NSW – this covers our personal injury and public liability insurance (and we can’t lease our venues without it!). Membership is free, and once you’re signed up, your membership will run for 5 years

5. Session fee per family is $4 which can be paid by cash (correct change appreciated), bank transfer or via Pay Pal:

6. Waverley Council generously provide the venue and grant funding for our equipment so please look after it and ensure that inside toys are kept indoors and sand and bark do not get taken inside. Brooms are available to sweep up – a great job if you are unable to lift toys/equipment!

7. Please do not attend playgroup if you or your child is sick – no-one wants gastro, a cold or covid, so stay at home if you or your child have any symptoms.

8. A thank you to our wonderful volunteer session leaders is appreciated! They have made the effort to be there on time, and stay until the end, and playgroup simply wouldn’t happen without their generosity.

We look forward to having a great session and hope you enjoy your time with us